5 Facts Every Community Manager Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a growing problem in Texas, and they are particularly problematic for the multi-family industry. You probably know why.  

  • Bed Bugs can cause unhappy residents, increased liability, and additional, unexpected expenses. It's important that you act quickly!

1. Bed Bugs are not caused by unsanitary living conditions.


Bed Bugs usually get into apartments by hitchhiking on clothes or in luggage. While unsanitary conditions do not lead to bed bugs, such conditions can increase the level of infestation and make treatment and control much more difficult.



2. A Bed Bug infestation can grow quickly.

One pregnant Bed Bug can lead to an infestation of over 13,000 bed bugs in only six months.

Catch and treat infestations early! Waiting will only make the problem more difficult to get under control. 




3. Infestation can spread between units.

Bed Bugs can easily travel between apartments through wall voids or spread down hallways.

For large infestations, it's important to inspect neighboring units and provide preventative barriers to stop infestations from spreading. Be proactive!





4. Discarding infested furniture before treatment just spreads the Bed Bugs to other units.

If a resident drags an infested mattress through the hallway to get to the dumpster, the Bed Bugs will hop off and start infesting neighboring units.

5. A vacant unit can still be infested.

Bed Bugs can go without a blood meal for 3 to 12 months depending on conditions. That means that even though the unit is empty, those Bed Bugs could still be hiding in cracks and crevices and inside wall voids.


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